Manage & Expand your Business from Offline to Online

⚡️ Get E-Commerce Store in 1 Minute ⚡️ Make GST Invoice in 7 Second ⚡️ Offer Loyalty, Discount & Exchange ⚡️ Secure Cloud Backup ⚡️ QR Menu & Digital Shop ⚡️ WhatsApp Billing ⚡️ All-In-One Integrated POS

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POS Bhi Aur Online Shop Bhi

Vistar is India’s only Integrated POS that enables real-time synchronization of inventory from offline store to online, it reduces the clutter of managing the e-commerce store separately. Its a true hybrid model and the only solution to manage offline as well as online business from a single app

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Best For Your Business

Mobile Store

Apparel Shop

Kids Shop

Optical Store

Book Store

Cafes &Restaurents

Retail Outlet

Any Business

Create GST enabled Invoice from mobile POS in 7 seconds.

With Vistar Mobile POS you can create your Sales Invoice, Add Customers, Give Loyalty Points, or Transfer Stocks each in 7 second

Engage mobile to grow business

Get most out of your device to grow your business

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Vistar POS is Easy to Use Integrated App to go online

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